Access Control

Access control is just a fancy term for controlled access to certain areas. It’s not complicated at all. We need access control in our daily lives to maintain order and limit unwanted intruders to portions of our businesses, public areas and even in our homes. Go valet park; you’ll see roped off areas for the valet drivers to leave the cars. You’ll notice the same thing in movie theaters; the roped off areas designate “staff only” sections and off limit rooms. Will a simple rope prevent people from crossing it? No, but as civilized people and grown-ups, we already know that we are supposed to stay on our side of the rope. Visit grocery stores, convenience stores, government offices and even gas stations and you see locks on certain doors and signs pointing out that certain areas are for staff or loading or management and not the general public. These are all forms of access control. Visit a realtor’s open house sometime and you’ll see similar signs. Certain rooms, closets or bathrooms may be “off limits” to those visiting. This can be for privacy or security purposes.

acess control system

Now you’ll see access control everywhere

Here at Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach, we help provide various forms of access control in one form or another. Of course, you don’t have to live here in the Hallandale Beach, FL area to get or use access control. You can contact and work with a full service, established locksmith shop in your area and get good results. Now that you know a bit about access control, you’ll start noticing it everywhere you go. You’ll see it at work in schools, stores, medical facilities, retirement homes, high rise buildings, universities, sporting arenas and dozens more. In case you are wondering what access control has to do with locksmiths, here’s your answer. Many times ropes and signs are enough and locking mechanisms are needed to achieve high level access control. A good commercial locksmith will be able to advise you further on this and also be able to supply various forms of access control to help secure your property better and more effectively.

Better security with access control

Using access control systems can lead to enhanced security and safer environs at home or at your business. Take your front door lock for example. People know (or should know) to not walk into your home without first knocking and being invited inside. If they don’t, then the lock on the door prevents this action. Other forms of this can include flashing lights, signs, roped off sections, turnstiles, bolted doors, etc. Access control promotes better security and added privacy but it also helps maintain safety as children or untrained personnel may be at risk. This is why you can always find access control in schools, public parks, zoos, government buildings, national monuments, fast food outlets, shopping malls, hospitals, and other similar places where people and even animals can gather. An experienced and skilled locksmith will be able to advise you on getting and using access control and also in installing and using fingerprint locks, deadbolts, video surveillance, keypad devices, peepholes, panic bars, swipe cards, badge systems, mortise locks and many more.

Keypad Devices

Keypad devices are often used in access control settings in business and institutional locations. Keypads can have a key backup or they can be installed just as is and not use any keys. To use, simply enter a code or number sequence into the keypad and if the right one is entered, access to the room or area is granted. Many devices are built and installed to keep a record of the accessed codes and times when they were used. This is useful for management and security to keep track of. While you can see keypad used in banks, call centers and hotels, you can also find them installed on my residential garage doors. Keyless entry systems in cars use the same technology. Most systems can be locked if the wrong code or number sequence is entered too many times. Many can even call police or security as an added benefit if the user is entering the wrong numbers.

Panic Bars

Panic bars are highly useful in access control systems. These horizontally installed, spring loaded bars allow a person or persons to exit a room or building without stopping to unlock a door, turn a knob or actually open the door. Instead, they simply push on the bar and all three actions occur at once. Also, since there are usually no door knobs or locks on the other side of the door, the traffic flow is one way (out) and those exiting don’t have to fight incoming traffic. All this saves time, effort and lives, so much so, that in many buildings and developments, panic bars are a requirement according to the building codes or fire department.

Swipe Cards and Badges

Swipe cars are very similar to keypad devices as they are extensively used in many of the same institutions like call centers, banks, hotels, government buildings, museums, universities, retail stores, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and other places where authentic access control is vital for security and order. In order for the badge or card to work properly, a bar code or magnetic chip is embedded in the card and when it is swiped or run through the scanner, it instantly recognizes who is authorized to enter and who is not. A record is kept along with time stamped info for management purposes. Many times these devices are backed up by video surveillance for added protection in case of badge theft or other types of fraud.

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to know more about access control or even implement it, try calling a local full service commercial locksmith in your area. You should be able to access a free consultation and some complimentary price quotes when doing so. Your locksmith should be able to assist you with product selection, installation, service and repair when needed.


Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach in Florida: Importance of Having Gun Safe

How much did you pay for your gun? We can bet it was pretty expensive. Why isn’t it in a safe then? How would you feel if someone stole it because you didn’t secure it properly? A gun safe is a great way to store your gun.
No matter what type of gun you own or how many guns you have, there is a safe out there calling your name. Why don’t you just reach out to Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach in Florida? We do more than just install safes. We stock them too. No matter what type or size gun safe you are looking for, you may just find it here.


Gun Safes Come in Various Options

Do you remember as a kid when you got a new toy and you couldn’t wait to show it to your friends? If you have just bought a gun, you may be thinking about showing it off to your friends too. What better way to show it off then in a gun safe that has a very cool and unique design? With so many gun safes out there, you will have a lot to choose from. But, gun safes come in all different shapes and sizes.

Whether you own a single gun or you have already started a collection, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to find a safe to fit them all perfectly well. Plus, just as with other safes, you can store just about anything in a gun safe. Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, it is made to store guns. But, if you so desire, you can place other items in it.

Don’t Wait. Buy Your Gun Safe Today!

There are some things that you should not hesitate to do. Procrastination may only end up leading to a situation that could have been avoided. If you already own a gun, you are a little late, but it’s better late than never. Make sure you get a gun safe now. The longer you wait, the more vulnerable you are to theft of that gun.

So where can you get a gun safe? There are so many places that sell gun safes. You can get them online, in retail stores and from locksmiths. If you really want to get a move on it, you can have a safe in your hands within minutes. It doesn’t take much for you to make the purchase. Of course, if you purchase the safe online, you may not be able to get it immediately so you will have to wait a little longer. But, just make sure that you get one as soon as possible for that gun that you already have.

If you haven’t bought your gun yet, that is great. It is better to get the gun safe before you purchase your gun. That way, once you buy the gun, you will have somewhere to store it safely. Just make sure that the safe you purchase is big enough to store the gun that you will be getting. Ensure that you think ahead too. If you know you will be starting a gun collection, it makes no sense to get a safe that will be too small to store all your guns.

There Are Many Types of Gun Safes

Maybe you haven’t purchased a gun safe just yet because you are trying to figure out where it will fit in your wall. We have great news for you! Your gun safe does not have to be placed in your wall. There are many types of gun safes so the safes can be placed just about anywhere. The important thing is that you will have a safe place for your guns.

Check out some types of gun safes that you can purchase these days.

  • Car gun safe
    If you want to carry your gun around with you, there is no need for it to be left unprotected. You can store it in a car gun safe while it is not in use. These types of safes can come in very handy and they are very protective too. If you carry your gun with you a lot, you should definitely check them out.
  • Under the bed gun safe
    Some people like to sleep with their gun close by. Keeping it under your pillow is not a very safe option. But, you don’t have to put it very far away. You can easily keep it under your bed in a safe. It will still be easy to access and you won’t have to move very far from your position to retrieve it.
  • In wall gun safe
    A lot of people who get a gun safe tend to get this type of safe. As the name suggests, it is placed in the wall. If you don’t have a lot of wall space or your walls, for some reason, cannot accommodate a wall safe, you will have to get another type of safe.
  • Hidden gun safes
    Have you ever come across a safe that looks nothing like a safe? There are so many varieties out there. The one you choose will totally be up to you, but making sure that it fits in with your décor would be great. If it looks too out of place, it may seem suspicious.
  • Heavy-duty gun safes
    If you have a lot of guns or just a few big guns, a heavy-duty safe will be perfect for you. Not only will it be able to handle all the weapons that you own, but it will provide them with adequate protection.
    If you do not live in an area where gun safes are mandatory, you should still purchase one. They offer a lot of protection for your weapons, they can lower your insurance rates and much more. If you have any questions about gun safes, getting them installed, maintained or want to know about any other service, call the experts at Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach in Florida. Our locksmiths are waiting to assist you. If you live outside of the areas we service, you won’t be able to access our services, but we know that there’s a locksmith close to you that can help you just as well.

Garage Door Locks Provide Additional Security

If you are a homeowner, you probably thought you had it all figured out as far as your home security is concerned. There are areas of your home that may be susceptible to break-ins. These are the areas of the home that our locksmiths at Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach in Hallandale Beach, FL often have to remind our customers to secure. You may be one of those homeowners who believe that you have all the basis covered. You’ve changed the locks when you moved into your new home, updated your security alarm, installed security cameras and more. However, when we do an audit of your home security, there is a good chance that you have not had new locks installed on your patio door or your garage door. These are two of the areas of your home that we often find neglected. Your patio door comes with a lock but this lock is only good for keeping the door shut. It doesn’t add much protection against an intrusion. This is why our locksmiths often suggest they have another lock installed along side the existing lock.  

Garage door lockThe garage door is also another place where an additional lock is also neglected. Even if you have an automatic garage door that locks automatically, perhaps there is a door that leads into your garage. Many homes are designed with garages that are attached to the home. This means there is an exterior door that also leads into the home. The door that leads into your home are not always secured. This can pose a threat to your family’s security. Also, if you store things that are of any value in your garage, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have the necessary locks to secure the area. Many people use the garage as an extension of their home. They are often used as office space, home gyms, kids play area and a studio for work. This means that you’ll likely have valuables that you want to protect inside your garage. The best way to do this is by having additional security features installed. The easiest and least expensive would be a garage lock. You can maximize your home security with a lock installed on your garage door. 

Here are some of the locks that our locksmiths often use on garage door locks: 

Side Bolt – One of the most popular types of garage door locks that we use is a side bolt lock. This is used on the interior of your door. The lock is not recognized from the outside, which makes it less tempting to a burglar to break into. The bolt has a receiving slot that it fits into. Once the bolt is securely placed in the slot, it secures the lock. It is an easy lock to install and it offers an effective measure of security. 

Deadbolt – The most effective door lock is a deadbolt lock. This type of lock is good for any door. It is generally used on entryway doors. This would be the case if you have a garage door that leads into your home. The single cylinder deadbolt lock uses a key to open it and has a knob that opens the door. The double cylinder deadbolt lock requires two keys to unlock the door. It would take a lot of effort to break a deadbolt lock. This is why a burglar will often abandon the course when they recognize the presence of a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt lock minimizes your chances of experiencing a break-in. 

Keyless Garage Door Locks 

If you are keeping up with technology, you’ll understand why keyless locks are so popular these days. They allow easy entry and are great at preventing break-ins. A lot is required in order to compromise this type of lock. Again, the presence of these types of locks act as a deterrent against burglary. It takes far too much effort to try to determine how to unlock these types of locks.  


An electronic lock uses characteristic recognition, such as your fingerprint or retina recognition. More than one fingerprint can be stored so that several people will be able to gain entry. Although an electronic lock is more expensive to your typical lock, it is very effective against intrusion. This is why it is worth the investment.  

Digital Keyless 

There is no key necessary for this type of lock either. You decide the code that you would like to have programmed into the keypad. To unlock the lock, the correct code must be entered into the keypad to open the lock. It is a great choice because it uses modern technology that offers high security for anyone who has it. With advanced technology, homeowners are better able to protect themselves and their valuables. 

If you have a garage, attached or detached from your home the last thing you want to occur is to walk inside and find someone inside. You can never be too sure why someone may be hiding in your garage. In some cases, they may not be hiding in your garage; they may be inside to steal your valuables. You can prevent this by considering the level of security that you need for your garage. You may not think what you have inside is worth much but your safety and security is worth more than anything you might store in your garage. 

No matter which type of lock you have installed, you can be sure that you will be able to maximize your security by having one installed. A qualified locksmith will be able to help you determine which type of lock would work best for your needs. Not everyone will have the same garage door situation. Some will not have an automatic garage door while others will. Some will have a detached garage while someone else may have an attached garage. These factors and many others will be considered when determining the best garage door lock suited for your individual needs.  

Tips To Prevent Home Burglaries

According to the authorities, a home is burglarized once every 15 seconds in the United States.  Whether you are present or not when it happens, a break-in can permanently shatter your feeling of security at home.   There are a few simple precautions you can do to dramatically reduce the risks of an invader.  Here are some tips to prevent home burglaries:


  • Use a heavy duty deadbolt on your door. If you’ve just moved into a new residence, make sure to have the locks changed.  Secure your patio door with a pin-type lock, a key lock, or a steel rod inserted into the door channel.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving your house.
  • If you do have windows open while at home, they should be open no more than 4 inches and secured to prevent from further opening to prevent an intrusion.
  • Use a timer to keep a light on in your home, even when you’re not home. You can also use timers for a radio and make sure it is loud enough to be heard from the exterior.
  • Keep your car locked, even if it’s in the garage. If you park your car on the driveway, keep your garage door opener hidden or better yet, not in the car at all, to prevent a burglar from gaining access through the garage.
  • Keep the exterior of your home well lit at night, including the sides and backyard area.
  • Keep valuables out of sight from a window. Store valuables and important documents in a safe place to prevent a “smash and grab” to get at your valuables.
  • Avoid telling strangers your daily routines and limit what you post on social media about vacation plans or “checking in” to places your visit on a day to day basis.
  • Never leave notes on your front door that would tip off a burglar.
  • If going out of town, have a trusted friend or neighbor collect newspapers and mail while you are away. Also, have them put your garbage cans out to the street and haul them back on trash day.
  • If you have an alarm system, test it regularly and make sure to arm it every time you leave.


Despite the best prevention, if someone does break into your home, DO NOT engage! Call the police immediately!


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Home burglary can happen anytime if you are lack with security measures at your home. Don’t wait this to happen! Ask Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach for a professional help!


Do you have a home safe? If you do; congratulations; you made a wise decision! If you don’t already have one, consider getting one; they are well worth the investment. And no, you don’t have to be rich to own or use a home safe; they are for everyone who wants better security for their valuables. Here in Hallandale Beach, FL we have home safes in all neighborhoods ranging from entry level all the way to luxury estates, and why not? These secure metal compartments are useful in securing your valuables from prying eyes, thieves, and even the elements! You can use your safe to protect anything that you deem of value including cash, art, jewelry, documents, and lots more. 

Aren’t there pros and cons to having a home safe? 

Sure; there are both. This is why Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach has compiled some facts for you to consider… and then the choice is yours to make! Many times potential safe owners have pre-buying questions about actually owning a home safe. Are they expensive? Are they hard to maintain? Aren’t these just for the rich? What if I forget my combination? Will owning a home safe make me a target? Where is the best room to put my safe? A thousand questions come to mind but in reality, the answer may be different for each person. 

What can I put in my safe? 

We are not being sarcastic, but you can put anything you want in it! It’s your safe; after all. What is valuable to you and what would you like to provide security for? For some it may be cash. For others it may be a mixture of things like treasured mementos, old love letters, coins and maybe a flash drive, or two.  


No, your safe won’t just spit out money like an ATM but you can store cash in it. The amount is up to you but many use their home safe for a fast and convenient way to access cold hard cash whenever needed. You might have an unexpected bill come up or a sudden medical or veterinary expense. Maybe a business deal has presented itself and you have to act fast to clinch it. Other fast cash needs can include charity giving, car repairs, entertainment purposes and even funeral costs. Many a real estate transaction was made when the new owner put down a cash deposit in good faith. 

Other money related items 

Your home safe can contain non-cash, monetary items like stock certificates, appraisals, IOU’s, gift cards, credit and debit cards, theater tickets, foreign currency, rare coins, gold, silver bars and the like.  

Your arsenal 

Ok; arsenal is a bit much, but you can keep a gun or other firearms inside of it. Many a homeowner has invested in a locking gun cabinet or safe for this very purpose. Using your home safe for this is ideal if you only have one or a few guns and would like to keep them out of the hands of children, guests or burglars. Contrary to popular thought, using a locking safe to keep your gun(s) in does not put you at risk for being unarmed in the event of a home invasion or burglary; it’s actually just the opposite. Your local residential locksmith shop will be able to advise you more on this when they work with you on placement and access details. 

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds…. 

Yes, you can keep jewelry items in your home safe. Many homeowners do this and then retrieve the items for show or to wear to a gala event or night out on the town. Often, jewelry replicas are kept in the safe and worn to events while the “real deal” is locked securely away in a bank vault. It’s really up to you which jewelry items are included in your home safe. It may be that your items are not of value (monetarily) at all! Maybe they are merely costume jewelry or homemade items that have a sentimental value to you alone and you would just like to keep them secure. 


Were you aware that home and office file cabinet and desk locks offer minimal security due to their use of cam lock technology? While these locks are better than having none at all, they are not as secure as a home safe. If you have need of mere filing of documents; use a file cabinet. If you want true security for paper goods of value; make use of your safe. You can include appraisals, stock certificates, warranties, credit checks, background checks, passports, visas, stocks, tax returns, bonds, car titles, real estate deeds and more. Again, it’s up to you what you put inside of your home safe! Old love letters from a long lost love or notes from your toddler can be just as priceless as more conventional valuable items. 

Where to put your safe 

This is a good topic to discuss with your local full service locksmith. There are many things to consider like your home layout, weight and size of your safe, ease of access, and safe contents, etc. Most buyers of home safes want it heavy enough so that burglars won’t just carry it out the front or back door. Safes can be heavy on their own or they can be bolted onto the floor or installed into a wall or alcove. Super heavy safes should always be installed on the ground floor. Safes than can be moved by a couple of people are fine for the second floor. If you have reinforced floors or live in a luxury high rise, these guidelines may be different. Your locksmith tech will know best about weight, access and placement. 

Where to buy your safe 

You can buy local or online. Safe shops and retail stores carry home safes. You can also buy used or gently used by going to flea markets, yard sales and discount shops. Our recommendation is to work with a local locksmith shop that specializes in sales, service and installation of home safes. By doing this, you’ll save money, get better service and have 24-hour access to emergency help, if ever needed. 

Five Tips For Better Home Security

As this day and age require every means we have to better our safety, we’d like now to offer you age-old methods to improve your domestic security. Note that these tips are not meant to replace a modern security and surveillance system. Nothing could replace that.

Here are some enhancements and home security tips for your home life’s advantage:

The All Seeing Eye: research has constantly shown that people behave themselves much better when they feel they are being monitored. Regardless of the fact whether you already own a security system, it’s good to place eye symbols outside your door. Yes, a mere sticker above the door, around the hallway, will do.

Spare key Placement: Never try and hide the key to your home around the entrance, hallway or garden. No matter how clever the spot you’ve picked, a savvy burglar can and will find it. Remember, if you will, that burglars are good at what they do. So then, in absence of other means of access control (which in itself is regrettable), or a trusted family relative nearby, we recommend a two-lock door, each of the keys to be given to a different neighbour.

Lights & Music: Always leave a light on in one of your home’s inner rooms (i.e that cannot be easily peeked into from the outside) and also, leave the radio on – it might help mask the fact you’re away and make it harder for a potential burglar to fathom if anyone’s home.

Shy away the goods: Low-class burglars may be tempted to break into your home if they can see in from the outside and discern any sellable goods (i.e electronics, expensive art, candelabra, silverware etc.). In order to avoid this, go around the perimeter of your home, try and see if anything stands out and if so, move it or cover a specific window with drapes.

Keys and Wallets: Many unfortunate instances could’ve been avoided if home dwellers didn’t leave keys, wallets, smart phones and other primary targets exposed. Forget about key-chain bowls in the hall and other communal places where we just put our stuff. Designate for every family member separate places to put their belongings, especially wallets and car keys. Many home intrusions occurred because the perpetrators could easily discern where the car keys were, for example.

These five tips are time and science-tested measures, but by no means could they replace more advanced means of security and control. Remember also that this isn’t an action movie, meaning to say – all you want is for the perpetrator to move on, to feel that your home is too risky, too uncertain in terms of cost-effectiveness. It’s the most you could do, the least you could do, in the absence of a full-on deterrent security system.

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Upgrading your locks is very necessary thing to do. It is one way to keep your home secured from unwanted break-ins. Looking for a professional help? Turn to Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach anytime!

Holiday Home Security Tips

While you celebrate the holidays remember that home burglars are also planning how to celebrate theirs possibly with you as a potential sponsor. People tend to relax during the holidays and therefore home robbers view this time as an opportunity to gain entry into your home for cash and cash equivalents like credit cards, gifts or electronic gadgets, jewellery etc. Here are a few tips of what home robbers look for when shopping for a house to burglarize. These tips will help you enjoy the holidays without incident.

  • Your home is a private place and should remain private, do not allow strangers inside your yard or home. Remember criminals also do intelligence gathering on how to gain entry into a home or valuables that can be obtained. Exercise common-sense precautions, including minimizing your profile, avoiding overt displays of wealth and maintaining good situational awareness. Criminals may sometimes be armed, if accosted, do nothing to resist or antagonize assailants.
  • The common trend with people nowadays is to post on social media updating their travel plans or current location which is an easy indicator that the person is travelling. Other users of social media can use this information to know that you will be away from home and will take this opportunity to carry out a burglary.
  • Burglars look for an easy entry with good escape routes. Don’t openly display your gifts in the front window so it’s easily visible from the street. It’s too tempting for them to smash the window and grab the wrapped packages.
  • Burglars look for occupancy cues like outdoor lights burning 24 hours a day, piled up newspapers, or advertising flyers piling up in the letterbox. If you are going to be away during the holiday, get someone trusted to house-sit so that occupancy is guaranteed always.
  • Burglars know to look for the hidden door key near the front entrance. Don’t hide spare keys under rocks, in flowerpots, or above door ledges. Instead give the spare key to a trusted neighbour.
  • Burglars prefer to enter through unlocked doors or windows. Sliding windows that are not secure can be seen from distance. One holiday problem can occur when exterior holiday light extension cords are run inside through a window and prevent it from being secured. Hire an electrician or handyman to install an inexpensive exterior outlet for your holiday lights.
  • Avoid posting your family name on your mailbox or on your house. A burglar can call directory enquiries to get your telephone number and call your home while in front of your house to confirm that you are away.
  • Don’t leave descriptive voicemail answering machine messages like, “You’ve reached the Moyo’s…we’re away in the rural areas for the holidays…please leave a message.” Burglars love to hear that they have plenty of time to break in and completely ransack your home. Some will even have time to pour themselves a drink while they are at it.
  • After the holiday, don’t pile up empty gift boxes from your new computer, DVD player, or stereo receiver on the street for garbage collection. This will attract burglars who will know that you have expensive gifts inside for them to steal. Break them down or cut them up to conceal the items better. After a lucrative burglary, the chances of being burglarized again are increased to steal the new replacement products.
  • Lastly, fortify your home by installing solid core external doors, heavy duty locks, longer screws in the lock strike plates and door hinges, and install secondary security devices on all accessible sliding windows. This may not out rightly prevent a robbery but will assist in delaying the robbers gaining access to your home and giving you ample time to call for help. It is very important to invest in a home alarm system.
  • As you travel to various destinations for your holiday, plan your journeys well and travel on time during the day so that you take it easy on the accelerator pedal.

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Planning to travel? Don’t leave your home unsecured! Be safe by upgrading your locks with the help of Quick Locksmith Hallandale Beach.

Smart Home DIY: How To Install A Keyless Door Lock Yourself + 5 Reasons Your Family Is Going To Love Smart Door Locks

The phrase “latchkey kid” was a popular one among my generation — the first where many families boasted two working parents. Coming home from school to an empty house was a pretty common occurrence for many of my school friends.

However, thanks to smart door locks, today’s latchkey kids can dispense with the key entirely and parents can dispense with the worry over whether their children made it home safely!

The convenience offered by smart home locks doesn’t end there.

For families in particular, these locks have plenty of use cases that can make your life run more smoothly. Who doesn’t want that? Read on to learn about how smart door locks can help you, and see how easy they are to install.

Reasons To Install Smart Locks At Home

First, a little about how a smart door lock works…

Smart door locks, a lock enabled with either a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, will open using just your smartphone (or in some cases, a keyfob or touchpad) in addition to a standard key.

Smart locks pair with your phone and turn it into a digital key — which is used to identify who you are and ensures that you are authorized to open the door.

t its simplest level, a smart door lock eliminates the pain point of fumbling in your pockets or digging to the bottom of your bag for your key. You just need to have your smartphone somewhere on your person for the door to unlock.

Now, here’s a look at the features of smart door locks that could be useful for your family:

Smart locks can be controlled remotely. No more worrying about your child losing their key or getting home before grandma arrives from the airport. You can unlock the door from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Even if you’re just upstairs with the baby but can’t remember if you locked the front door, you can open the app and remotely lock it without disturbing your bedtime routine.

No need to carry keys. With a smart lock, keys become a thing of the past. No one need carry them at all — as long as they have a phone. For children without a smartphone, a keypad or keyfob gives them easy access to the house. Having no keys also means no need to worry about keys falling into the wrong hands or hiding a spare under the doormat.

You know when the door is locked or unlocked. Does your teenager always forget to text you when they get home? Or do you often drive off only to turn around a few minutes later to go back and check if the door is locked? Most smart door locks have apps that contain a history, allowing you to look and see when the door was locked or unlocked and by whom, as well as check on its current state.

You can digitally send “keys” to people. From the plumber to the babysitter, as long as they have a smartphone, you can grant them access to your home remotely. Send an e-key over the Internet that you can revoke at any point or set to expire after a certain amount of time. This means no more hanging around at home just to let someone in. You can see on your phone when they arrived and when they left, plus you can make sure they locked the door behind them — and do it remotely if they didn’t.

You get a smarter home. Smart door locks can sync with smart thermostats and other connected devices in your home. This means you could have the lights shut off and the thermostat set to an energy-saving mode when you lock the door as you leave, and have them do the opposite when you unlock the door as you come home. You can even set up different scenarios for different people — because the lock knows which family member has come home. Additionally, you can pair a WiFi-connected camera with a smart door lock so you can easily see who is accessing your house at any time.

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Auto Theft and Burglary Prevention Tips

The Dallas Police Department Auto Theft Unit  would like to remind everyone of a few tips to help prevent auto theft and burglary this summer.


This seems like a simple tip, but many people leave their vehicles unlocked and thieves looking for an easy target will walk through parking lots and neighborhoods checking vehicle door handles. Also, don’t leave valuables or extra keys in your car – especially not in plain sight! Leaving valuables visible in your vehicle makes you more likely to become a car burglary victim!


Please turn off the ignition and lock your door when you exit your vehicle. Many offenses are taking place when people leave their vehicles running as they run in the store to pay for gas, to get a drink, or to let the car warm up. Whenever you exit the vehicle always turn it off and lock your door.


Lately, thieves have been targeting tailgates on trucks that are left unlocked. Tailgates can cost up to $7,000.  Save yourself the time and money by locking your tailgate. You can purchase tailgate locks at any part accessory store. Tailgates are not outfitted with an identification number, so it is a challenge to properly identify and return it back to the victim.

CALL 9-1-1.

Call 9-1-1 to make a police report  as soon as you notice your car has been burglarized or stolen. Also, be sure to call 9-1-1 to report any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles.

The Dallas Police Department relies on the solid partnership with our community to help keep criminals off the street. Please do your part by taking preventive action and spreading the word. You can make a difference.

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Top Advice And Tips For Employing A Quality Locksmith

Get Rid Of Investing In A Locksmith With This Particular Advice

Precisely what does safety mean? It could mean having strong locks in the right places, or using a alarm system put in place. It could possibly also mean knowing who can help you out while you are within a jam. Finding a good locksmith using the following really provides safety for your needs.

In the event that there is a high-security lock and you will discover a problem, it is advisable to call the lock company before calling a locksmith. Since this particular lock was built to get difficult, a locksmith could have a hard to me stepping into it. You may end up paying a lot of money to allow them to try without having success.

When you call a locksmith and they also answer the phone by using a generic phrase, you must be a bit wary. Opening the call with “locksmith” or “locksmith services” means that they can be avoiding offering you a legal name. This is simply not acceptable for anybody that has the ability to access your home.

If you cannot go into your home, do not let someone drill to the lock ahead of trying some other tactics. Additionally, somebody who would like to immediately replace the lock is probably not legitimate. A great locksmith can get into almost any door. Therefore, both the steps mentioned previously ought not to be necessary.

In most states, locksmiths are needed to have insurance. Ask to see proof of any policies before they start doing any work. You desire to be sure that you are covered just in case they generally do a shoddy job and someone gains unauthorized access to your residence. Do not let the lowest price to help you be overlooking this.

One very reliable methods of determining trust with your potential locksmith is the volume of years they have been in business. Also, make sure that they’ve been set up in exactly the same location too. These two facts are really good sings that you’ve found the ideal locksmith in the market along with the one it is possible to really depend upon!

Prior to allow someone similar to a locksmith to get into your home, you must get references and a professional recommendation. Upon having them, give each a call. You do not only want the best quality service but in addition a person you can really trust.

Prior to deciding to engage a local locksmith, look at your local laws. Many states have regulations into position to protect consumers from fraud and sub-par work. For example, California mandates licensing. Understand how the laws in your neighborhood are set up to protect you and be sure they do! You’ve got too much at stake never to.

When searching for a locksmith, stay away from any organization that fails to answer the cell phone by using a specific name. These businesses will frequently subcontract the task out to other vendors. You should have a business that hires their own employees and will not farm out their work to anyone and everyone.

When searching for the ideal locksmith for your requirements, try conducting interviews. Most businesses will gladly show you their professional service people and what they should offer. Seek advice and view all references. This way you will be sure that you’ve hired merely the best when you need them by far the most.

Usually do not hire the 1st locksmith you speak to. You ought to call three to five locksmiths before you make a hiring decision. It will help you figure out the going rate. Also, you are going to reduce the costs that you simply purchase this quality.

If you receive great service from your locksmith, you need to keep his number readily available in case you need him again. A really good locksmith may not be readily available; therefore it would stop being home improvement complete series a good idea to discard their information. You will be a great deal safer only if once person handles all your security needs.

Beware locksmiths who answer the phone with a general phrase, including “locksmith services”. Once they don’t offer a company name or location, they could actually subcontract local locksmiths, meaning you have no control over the grade of the individual that shows up. Choose a company that is local and mentions their name.

It is rather exciting to purchase a whole new home and become handed over a set of keys, but this is certainly the right time to contact a locksmith. You don’t understand how many copies in the key the former owners passed out to loved ones, so it may be beneficial to find the locks changed.

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